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Associated Surgeons of Fleming is a practice that has been helping hundreds of Americans regain their confidence with their bodies. We’ve been in practice since 1999, and have a combined experience of 27 years in cosmetic surgery.


We have several offices located throughout North America, as well as surgeons who we can recommend to perform your surgery.

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What Makes Us Special?
I’m sure you’ve met with or researched plastic surgeons before. The great thing about Dr. Jacob Fleming is that he only recommends surgeons across America that are not only board certified but have experience to give you the best procedure possible. He is currently considered a top rated breast augmentation surgeon in Atlanta.

United States of America rank their doctors based on qualifications and expertise in offering medical services. It is a voluntary process which involves competency in offering medical services to patients. Medical licensure produces high standards of offering medical services, it is not enough. Certified board determines a physician’s areas of expertise in a given area of specialization. It is clear that board certified plastic surgeons are those surgeons who possess qualification in offering surgery services. Their experience and commitments aims at achieving higher outcomes to patients. A board is set to regulate and to supervise activities that are carried out by surgeons. They rank them according to their performance and outcome hence categorizing them as being certified or eligible surgeons.
On the other hand, a surgeon may not pass the minimum qualifications needed to be upgraded as being certified. Such surgeons still offer medical services to patients but they cannot perform specific operations. They are referred to as non-certified plastic surgeons. “Non certified plastic surgeons do not possess enough expertise and skills to handle specific surgery operations,” Says Dr. Otto Placik of http://labiaplastychicago.com. Medical training takes longer time to complete. However, after completion a test is offered to trainees. Those who pass the test are ranked as being certified surgeons while those who do not pass are ranked as being eligible surgeons. Patients may get confused because eligible surgeons sound more superior to certified surgeons. However, it is important patients to seek for advices when choosing the best surgeons to attend to them.

Here are some tips patient may use to choose a certified surgeon:

Making sure that you’re sure that surgeons are certified by board

In United States of America, certified surgeons are approved by American board of plastic surgery. Therefore patients should confirm whether their surgeons are confirmed to be certified or not. Such surgeons must have three years’ experience, two years of training in plastic surgery, must have passed the test and should practice proper medical ethics.

Patients should make sure that surgeons spend much time explaining to them about their surgeries. Certified physicians come in contact with patients and share their experiences. The time that surgeons spend consulting their patients equates the time he spends on surgery.

Patients should avoid bargain areas which claims to offer plastic surgery but not. These premises are run by small scale business persons who do not possess any skills on surgery. They may hire retired surgeons who may not have been approved by American board of plastic surgery. It is essential therefore to consider the above points in order to have a successful plastic surgery.

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation 

It is normal for a woman’s body to change with age or after giving a birth, especially in the firmness of her breasts. In time, breasts will get loose and sag even without necessarily giving birth to a child. Bearing in mind that women treasure the way their breast appear, most of them opt for breast augmentation or breast lifting.The best way to get your breast back into shape is to opt for the Breast lift and Augmentation.

You could have tried many things like the push up wired bras for the breast uplifting but all these are only a temporary solution and you can’t get the right effect but with breast augmentation you will be able to look attractive as the breast will get enhanced and look great, you will be able to wear any shirt or dress and appear great. Essentially, this will boost your confidence level and you can get tremendous satisfaction from this sort of cosmetic surgery.

All operations have some unsafe effects around the entire body yet this specific medical procedures doesn’t produce just about any side effects. There are many cosmetic surgeons who definitely are particular of this type connected with medical procedures inside.

The cosmetic surgeons will give you the package for assisting you to in the process connected with identifying the busts dimensions that will appear following your implantation. This kind of medical procedure is very essential for almost any particular person since the busts are gentle

You will be able to get the serried results and will not regret the same as this will provide you the beast lift and boost your confidence level that you had always wanted or desired for. It’s also a good thing to keep in mind that the cost of the surgery is affordable.